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"Julia’s workshops are really well organised, she goes through all the safety advice with you, how to use the tools and handle the glass. But best of all it’s great fun! You can let your imagination go wild with the amazing range of coloured glass to choose from!"


"Julia’s workshops renewed my faith in being creative! Such fun and very addictive! I was introduced by another crafter who has many examples of yummy glass pictures in frames, made in Julia’s sessions. I’d say definitely give this a go. In Julia’s studio there is so much inspiration and she gladly helps."



"I guess you could call me a regular at Julia’s workshops! The time spent in the studio is fun, relaxing and I enjoy it immensely. I have made some beautiful pieces that I am so proud of, which are in every room of my house, including the garden and have also made gifts for family and friends. 

The sessions are never dull, and because the groups are small it means Julia can help everyone, so you get the very best out of your time. I love the workshops, looking forward to my next one!"

Paula H

"What an amazing opportunity to be creative. Julia is so helpful and encourages you to have a go - offering support and ideas if necessary, I loved this so much and have been back several times - and plan to return again! Do give it a go - you will be hooked! Thank you Julia - you are an inspiration!"



"Amazing instructions (and help where needed) from Julia means that my fruit bowl is in constant use, and my Christmas bowl filled with pinecones will become a tradition in our house. Had a great time on both visits, highly recommend Julia Batten Glass!"


"I have attended three of Julia’s workshops and would definitely recommend going along. Julia is a very patient teacher, she explains everything really well and has a fantastic range of beautiful glass to create your own piece of art. We now have a regular group who go along together for a wonderful relaxed morning of creativity. We love seeing how everyone creates something different and completely unique. We’ve just booked our next workshop; we’re completely addicted!"

Paula S

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